Prebiotics, Probiotics & your Microbiome

This is a wonderfully made and informative video about the microbiome.

It provides a fundamental insight to one of the many aspects why prebiotics and healthy good bacteria are so important for our health. Thank you to CSIRO.

Some takeaway points from the video:

  • The gut microbiome is where your healthy good bacteria live.

  • Foods high in resistant starch (undigestible plant fibers or prebiotics) provide the fuel for the healthy good bacteria to survive.

  • One benefit of their interaction is the release of carbohydrate by-products which begins a sequence to produce a molecule called Butyrate.

  • A steady supply of Butyrate provides:

  1. The main source of energy for cells in our body.​

  2. The ability for damaged DNA to be more easily detected by the body, helping to activate a ‘suicide program’ in cancerous DNA cells. These detected damaged cells cannot progress to form cancer because the cells destroy itself.

This demonstrates a starved microbiome (lack of healthy good bacteria and high resistant starch foods) disables our body's own ability to protect itself from cancer.

This video underlies the critical importance to build up your microbiome by consuming quality fermented foods high in healthy good bacteria – as well as quality foods high in resistant starch – to support this quite ingenious healing process.