The food that helps you to detox pesticides

We are aware that fruit and vegetables produced commercially, and even including certified organic produce have degrees of pesticide exposure which can find their way inside our bodies.

It goes without saying, the toxins from pesticide residues contained in food do not belong in our body – regardless of whether they are within safe limits.

Our bodies are different and have varying spectrums of tolerance to food. Some people are more sensitive than others to pesticide residues. We received an email from a customer who queried the use of pesticide-free produce in our products.

In taking the opportunity to share this email, we know this may be an important question for many others as well for those who are not yet aware of a powerful fact about kimchi...

"... I love the flavour of your fermented vegetables! I was wondering if you use organic / chemical / spray free produce?I'm using fermented veg as my health isn't good and I can't have any pesticides. Many thanks, Emily ..."

Hi Emily,

So good that you love our fermented vegetables! The produce we use are a mixture of organic vegetables (which are grown and picked from our garden) and produce we purchase locally. As yet, the local produce we use is not organic with challenges in sourcing local organic produce and also with availability.

That being said, the fermentation of kimchi actually degrades pesticides (organophosphorus insecticide chlorpyrifos). 

There are studies to show that they are completely degraded by day 9 of the process. And by the time our fermented vegetables reach the store they have already passed these 9 days :)

4 lactic acid bacteria formed during the fermentation of kimchi are responsible for that effect. The lactic acid bacteria also helps your body break down pesticides. So including fermented foods like our kimchi is a very wise strategy to help detoxify your body.

We hope that helps to allay your concerns. Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any other questions :)

Wishing you the best with your health recovery,

Mrs Oh Fermentation.

In a world where we are all vulnerable to the exposure of chemicals in our modern ways of living, kimchi is an example of where we can harness the natural process of fermentation to form working alliances with our food. It is ultimately our relationship with food which will either hurt or help our health.

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