The stigma of 'fermentation'

The word fermenting and fermented foods is given sometimes an unglamorous wrap. For many the word conjures an image of rotting and one may explain their mental association with the bio-process of decay...

This is the stigma of fermentation.

But we know this is not quite the truth...

When a person thinks of wine-making it is difficult to imagine perceiving a process of decaying fruit. It's rather more aligned with the sophisticated and artful process of technique and creation. Similarly, the brewery of beer or the maturing of cheese rarely evokes impressions of waste. For a large majority, both processes are perceived to create something which contributes to the transience of a moment. That's pretty special.

Or.. perhaps it's just good marketing.

What is true is that fermentation is an organic process. With purpose, it is a regenerative process that uses the inherently creative function of enzymes to enable beautiful and natural results to occur.

At Mrs Oh Fermentation, we see the fermentation of vegetables as a special group of their own in this art of transformation. In the fashion of all ferments, the complexity of flavours and depth is achieved through technique, intention and time. The beneficial impact which fermented vegetables provide to our physical, digestive and neural health is where their joys can extend beyond the pleasure of taste and to a feeling that is more enduring - the feeling when we feel well.

This is very much a belief we embrace within the process of creating our kimchi varieties.

We craft our kimchi for the community believing that optimal digestion can be supported deliciously and beautifully using the transformative process of fermented foods.