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Mrs Oh's kimchi varieties are packed with beneficial good-bacteria and work as delicious and powerful probiotics.


Using the inherent healing properties within food we seek to create flavourful real foods that improve our physical & mental well-being via optimised gut health.


Mrs Oh's decision to harness properties of particular ingredients brings together the beneficial process of fermentation with discerned food elements to create flavourful and optimised food.


Applying traditional Korean methods of crafting kimchi and a philosophy driven approach, the result is a unique creation of kimchi varieties.

cruciferous vegetable kimchi

Kimchi contains super beneficial gut bacteria which helps mineral absorption, produces vitamins B, K2 and D whilst also reducing risks of obesity, diabetes and promotes a healthy complexion.

Mrs Oh's kimchi varieties use cruciferous vegetables as the core ingredient in the process of lactic acid fermentation.


Glucosinolates and phytonutrients are contained in cruciferous vegetables such as: broccoli, radish and cabbage varieties.

what are the benefits

> These antioxidant rich vegetables have been found to decrease the effects of cancer causing chemicals.

> The combination with lacto-bacillus (good bacteria) derived from the process of kimchi fermentation work in concert to protect your intestine health and immune system function.

> Consuming cruciferous vegetable kimchi allows the healthy bacterial lining created in your intestines to improve the digestion of foods and absorption of essential nutrients that feed and nourish every cell, organ and system in your body.

> They work by encouraging to boost your body’s natural vitamin production.

> Helps the balance of stomach acids as our production of digestive juices and enzymes required for proper digestion begin to decrease with age. Cruciferous vegetable kimchi can help make up this loss and relieve indigestion to make stomach upsets occur less often.

> Provides diversity to your gut flora and supports a robust microbiome.

Mrs Oh kimchi varieties have been laboratory tested by

SA Pathology IMVS Food & Environmental Lab and are


Mrs Oh kimchi varieties contain between

6.5 - 30 million cfu/gm Lactobacillus

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