Frequently asked questions

How long will my kimchi remain fresh after I have opened it?

The beautiful things about live-culture food is that the flavours will evolve throughout the process of fermentation. You will notice a difference in taste about 2 weeks after the jar has been opened. However, kimchi does not spoil easily and can keep even up to 1 year refrigerated. To maximise the length of its orginal freshness, press down the kimchi below its juices so it is not in contact with oxygen. You can also simply add purified water and refrigerate to refresh its taste. Remember to always use clean utensils.

Is my kimchi still safe to eat after the best before date?

Yes! The best before date is only there as a guideline. It is 100% safe to eat. You may notice the flavour becomes more tart due to continuing fermentation. As kimchi is a living food, good bacteria develops and the taste grows in tartness. Probiotic levels reduce eventually with time yet other benefical nutrients can also develop.

What is the best way to store my kimchi?

Keep your kimchi refrigerated. Low temperatures help control the speed of the fermentation process and preserves the stability of the probiotics. In warmer room temperatures, fermentation becomes more active and lowers levels of probiotics more quickly. As well, keep your kimchi submerged in its liquid. As a simple rule, probiotics like being in the dark and prefer less exposure to oxygen.

My kimchi is fizzing after opening.. what is happening?

Rest assured everything is OK. The fizz indicates that as a live culture food your kimchi is rich in active probiotics. It is completely safe to eat. CO2 is naturally released as a byproduct of fermenting kimchi by the lactobacilli (probiotic found in kimchi) feeding on the sugars. It is this formation of CO2 that can sometimes cause the kimchi to bubble, fizz and occasionally overflow. You may hear the "pop!" as you open the jar. To avoid a potential mess, we suggest refrigerating your kimchi for a few hours and opening your jar slowly over a sink if you begin to notice some fizz.

What can I do if my kimchi begins to taste a little tart & sour?

Similar to cheese, the sharpness in flavour is a sign the kimchi is more mature and developed in the fermentation process. Some are drawn to this taste and can be enjoyed for its maturity. It is often used in Korean recipes for the delicious dimension of flavours it produces (complex umami) when it is cooked with. Popular recipes such as kimchi stews, fried rice and pancakes are worth a watch on Youtube. To reduce the tartness of your kimchi you can use a simple yet effective trick. Dilute the liquid by adding purified water and refrigerate overnight. You will notice a reduced sharpness and a refreshed taste.

Is your kimchi pasteurised?

Absolutely not. All our kimchi is fermented naturally through the process of wild fermentation and is a living food. It is never heated, treated with additives, prepared using starters or tampered in any other way at all.

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