Mrs Oh Fermentation

& Seon Oh

My name is Seon Oh and I am delighted to proudly share my homemade kimchi and fermented foods for your health and tastebuds.

Together, our family created a company from South Australia to share a lifetime of expertise in traditional Korean food. With expanding awareness about the benefits of healthy living foods, I saw the opportunity to serve the community by using traditional Korean methods of fermentation that were passed down through generations of our family.

I have over 30 years of experience as a clinical nurse and nursing practitioner in South Korea & Australia. During the course of my professional and personal life I became acutely aware of the impact that health has on our ability to live our life's potential.

Since retiring from my professional career, I have found a way to continue to improve public health through practising the philosophy that 'food is medicine'.

Using my knowledge of traditional methods of fermentation gained over a lifetime and a passionate understanding about the healing properties of food - I wanted to provide quality, optimised food for the community that was good enough for my own family.

I believe through education and serving flavourful and healthy living foods, our company can make a meaningful contribution.​


I hope to enable you to meet the potential of your wellbeing.

Please enjoy :)

Yours truly,


Seon Oh